About Us

Birla Gold & Precious Metals Limited

Established in 2014, Birla Gold & Precious Metal Limited (BGPML) is a unique company born out of the great Indian wisdom of investing in Gold for a secure future. BGPML is in the primary business of Jewellery Retail and E-Commerce. It is a 100% subsidiary of KSS Limited (formerly known K Sera Sera), a listed entity in NSE, BSE and Luxembourg Stock Exchange.
BGPML prides itself for creating brand CHERISH GOLD a Virtual Jewellery mall with over thousands of brilliantly crafted and intricately created, eye dazzling designs, manufactured by Best Jewellery Houses of India. All Gold & Diamond products sold on Cherishgold.com are of the highest quality and Hallmark Certified. Cherish Gold has an Easy Return & Exchange Customer Friendly Policy. Cherish Gold can be accessed through multiple platforms like: Apps, Portal, Regional Managers, Ambassadors, Contact Centres or its beautiful and welcoming Physical Stores. All Products Purchased on Cherishgold.com have Doorstep Delivery.
Group Companies
KSS Limited (formerly known K Sera Sera) was incorporated in September 1995, is headquartered in Mumbai and is a publicly listed company, KSS a Visionary and Hugely successful, 360 Degree Vertical Media and Entertainment Group is a major player in Indian Cinema, KSS has produced some box-office blockbusters like Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, Golmal, Partner, Ab Tak Chappan and many more and has distributed over 100 films.

KSS is headed by a team of professionals and technocrats, whose collective experience forms the heart of this organisation. KSS has four business entities focusing on digital cinema rollout, the building of miniplex cinema screens, jewellery retail and E-Commerce.
KSS Digital Cinema Ltd.

KSS Digital is among the country’s largest distributors of Indian cinema via its proprietary SkyCinex technology. SkyCinex outputs high-quality 1920×1080 resolution (Full HD) video and uncompressed audio, with an emphasis on picture quality that greatly lowers the stress on the eyes. These features truly enhance the overall cinema viewing experience. KSS Digital is projecting movies to over 600 Cinema Theatres across India.

KSS Miniplex Ltd.
A path breaking company, was set up in 2010 with the objective of offering consultancy services to define the miniplex business model: including planning, setup, screening, operations and marketing. The scope of services also covers assistance in revenue generation from the box office, F&B, education and in-cinema advertising. KSS Miniplex offers 100% Multiplex Expeience at just 50% cost for the Theatre Viewer, We're building over 100 high end Cinema Theatres across the Country, with 24 theatres already operational.

Birla Jewels Limited

A premium jewellery retail outlet company, under the brand name BJewelz, is opening over 500 outlets across India, and has the vision to revolutionize the Jewellery Retail Industry and emerge amongst the Premier jewellery retail chains in the Country. It has always been believed that a lady looks most beautiful in her "Solah Sringar", she is the epitome of beauty when she is covered in gold. To drive this Mantra of beauty, we at Birla Jewels, offer fine jewellery made affordable to the masses to suit all occasions. BJewelz is poised to bring a revolution in retail jewellery industry by creating the right partnerships on virtues of trust, transparency & ethical business practices.

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A Wide Selection of Jewellery

Whether you are looking for gold jewellery, diamond jewellery or any other type of gemstone jewellery online, you will find just what you’re looking for on our website cherishgold.com. We make it easy to browse through our selection so you are sure to find a style and design that appeals to you or the person who will receive this amazing gift. We work hard to make sure our customers are able to find just what they have in mind.

Designer Jewellery Online
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